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Wrenegade “Wren” is currently in training with Morgan Cromer. PERFORMANCE RECORD LTE: $26,800 2022 Results Reserve Champion Cascade Futurity 3 Year Old Open 4th Idaho Futurity 3 Year Old Open Reserve Champion Day 2 Cascades Futurity 3 Year Old Open 7th PCCHA Futurity 3 Year Old Open

Lil Dusty Lola

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PERFORMANCE RECORD LTE: $219,040 Earner of the NCHA Silver Award 2013 Results Champion PCCHA Open Finalist Top Ten NCHA Open 2012 Results NCHA Area 2 Non-Pro Co-Reserve Champion 3rd PCCHA Non-Pro Top Ten 2011 Results Reserve Champion NCHA Non-Pro Finals 5th, NCHA Non-Pro Top Ten Champion El Rancho Non-Pro Classic Reserve Champion Congress Non-Pro World Series Split 4th PCCHA Fall Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Split 6th PCCHA Spring Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Top 10 Idaho Non-Pro Classics Top 12 NCHA Junior Youth 3rd PCCHA Non-Pro Top Ten Top Ten PCCHA $10,000 Novice 2010 Results Finalist NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Champion PCCHA Spring Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Champion South Point Winter Classic Champion Klamath Ranch Festival Champion Idaho Non-Pro Classics 3rd PCCHA Fall Non-Pro Classic/Challenge and El Rancho Non-Pro Classic Top 10 PCCHA $10,000 Novice Semi-finalist NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge 2009 Results Finalist NCHA Open Super Stakes Reserve Champion Mebane Ranch Open Derby 8th PCCHA Fall Non-Pro Stakes Reserve Champion Houston NCHA $10,000 Novice Top 10 South Point Open Derby 3rd El Rancho Non-Pro Derby Semi-finalist NCHA Open Derby 2008 Results 5th South Point Open Futurity 7th El Rancho Open Futurity Finalist PCCHA Fall Open Futurity Finalist Mebane Ranch Open Futurity PRODUCE RECORD Total Produce Earnings: $154,133 2013 Lojac, s. by Cats Quixote Jack 2014 Reyzn Dust, g. by Dual Rey. LTE: $55,269 2014 Metallic Dot Com, m. by Metallic Cat 2015 Dust Off The Cat, m. by Metallic Cat. LTE: $5,653 2016 Lil Dusty Dual Rey, g. by Dual Rey LTE: $31,681 2017 Duzt Do It, g. by Metallic Cat LTE: $4,249 2019 Wrenegade, m. by Hashtags LTE: $26,800 2019 Reyz The Bets, s. by Reyzin The Cash LTE: $750 2020 SRV Reys A Lil Dust, s. by Stevie Rey Von LTE: $29,731 2021 Time To Get Dusty, s. by One Time Pepto 2022 Lola Rey Von, m. by Stevie Rey Von 2023 Ima Spicy MVP, s. by Metallics MVP 2024 (Name Pending), s. by BadBoonaRising    

My Lizzy Babe

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PERFORMANCE RECORD LTE: $176,514 2013 Results Co-Reserve Champion PCCHA Derby Open Classic Challenge Reserve Champion PCCHA Derby Non-Pro Classic Challenge Finalist NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Finalist NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Limited Champion South Point Futurity Open Classic/Challenge 2012 Results Champion South Point Fall Classic Challenge Non-Pro Champion South Point Classic Challenge $250k Non Pro Champion SouthPoint Non-Pro 5/6 Champion South Point Limited Non-Pro 5/6 Champion El Rancho Limited Non-Pro 5/6 4th El Rancho Open 5/6 4th PCCHA Futurity Open 5/6 Reserve Champion PCCHA Futurity Non-Pro 5/6 2011 Results Champion PCCHA Derby Open Champion El Rancho Futurity 4-year old Champion PCCHA Futurity 4-year old Open Finalist Idaho Futurity 4-year old AQHA High Point Cutting Horse PRODUCE RECORD Total Produce Earnings: $634,322 2015 Lizzys First Time, m. by One Time Pepto LTE: $2,106 2015 Lizzys Chromed Cat, g. by Metallic Cat LTE: $614 2015 Lizzy Times Two, m. by One Time Pepto 2015 Metallics MVP, s. by Metallic Cat LTE: $346,188 2017 Lizzys Chromed Kitty, m. by Metallic Cat LTE: $61,129 2017 Lizzys Tuff Dude, s. by Woody Be Tuff 2018 Lizzy Cat, s. by High Brow Cat LTE: $35,644 2018 He Thinks Hesaplayer, g. by High Brow Cat LTE: $14,114 2019 My Smooth Lizzy, m. by Smooth as a Cat LTE: $12,835 2019 Metallic Dawg, s. by Metallic Cat LTE: $134,278 2019 Red Rockette, m. by Metallic Cat: LTE: $18,783 2019 Rudy Babe, s. by Metallic Cat LTE: $5,170 2020 Halo Babe, m. by Metallic Cat 2020 Got U Babe, m. by Metallic Cat LTE: $3,461 2021 Babe Im Believin, m. by Don’t Stop Believin 2022 Tin Cat Lizzy, s. by Metallic Cat 2022 Talk Lizzy To Me, m. by Smooth Talkin Style 2022 My Lizzy Rey, m. by Stevie Rey Von 2023 (Name Pending), m. by Metallic Cat 2023 My Smart Babe, m. WR This Cats Smart 2023 Smooth Play, s. Smooth As A Cat OFFSPRING HIGHLIGHTS Metallic Dawg Metallics MVP Lizzys Chromed Kitty  

Reysin Autumn

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PERFORMANCE RECORD LTE: $100,223 2018 Results 2018 Reserve Champion Rocking K Mane Event Mercuria Open 2018 Champion Rocking K Mane Event Classic Open Day 1 2018 Reserve Champion OCHA Bell A Ranch Classic Open 2018 Reserve Champion Outback Cuttings July Day 1 2017 Results 2017 Finalist Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Open Classic/Challenge 2017 Finalist Idaho Cutting Horse Association Futurity and Aged Event Open Classic/Challenge 2017 Champion Oregon Cutting Horse Association Classic Open 2017 Champion Outback Cuttings Rolling Hills Classic Open 2017 Reserve Champion PCCHA Coyote Rock Ranch Classic/Challenge Open 2017 Champion South Point Mane Event Day 2 25K Novice Horse 2017 Reserve Campion Gold Country Cutting Horse Association 5k Novice Horse 2017 Finalist Central Coast Cutting Horse Association Classic Open 2016 Results 2016 Champion PCCHA Winter/Spring Day 1 Derby Open 2016 Champion UTAH CHA Derby Open 2016 Reserve Champion El Rancho Derby Open 2016 Reserve Champion PCCHA Winter/Spring Premier Derby Intermediate Open 2016 Finalist PCCHA Winter/Spring Premier Derby Open 2016 Finalist NCHA Super Stakes Limited Open PRODUCE RECORD 2020 The Professor, s. by Kit Kat Sugar LTE:$3,018 2021 Rascal Rey, s. by Stevie Rey Von 2021 Reysin Blues, s. by Once In A Blue Boon 2023 Rey Maker, s. by Stevie Rey Von 2024 (Name Pending), s. by Boon Too Suen 2024 (Name Pending), m. by Hottish    

Halo Babe

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Halo Babe is currently in training with Morgan Cromer.

Vesper M

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Congratulations to Cory Deel on your purchase of Vesper M.

Tin Cat Lizzy

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Full brother to Metallics MVP, Lizzys Chromed Kitty, Metallic Dawg