Coyote Rock Ranch Advantage

Building Our Legacy

The Coyote Rock Ranch Advantage

We’re committed to raising winning cutting horses and producing excellent quality alfalfa and grass hay. We have developed outstanding systems to ensure excellence in every aspect of Coyote Rock Ranch. Whether it’s a bale of hay or a future-champion foal, we want it to be the very best. Choose an area to learn more about the quality that defines the Coyote Rock Ranch Advantage.


Ideal Location

Beautiful high desert country of Central Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s high desert country, Coyote Rock Ranch is surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, spectacular rock formations, and green pastures where horses can roam, graze, and thrive.


High Quality Structures

Handcrafting our ranch

We build our own barns, fences and structures, focusing on quality, function, and an attractive appearance to welcome ranch visitors. Our handcrafted barns, winding red rock roads and meticulously maintained farmlands highlight the commitment to craftsmanship and detail that are the hallmarks of Coyote Rock Ranch.


High Quality Hay

Hay Production and Quality Nutrition

At Coyote Rock Ranch, we grow top quality alfalfa and grass hay on 320 acres of irrigated farmland in Central Oregon. In support of the ranch operation, we sell horse, beef, and dairy quality alfalfa and grass hay that meets or exceeds nutritional standards. We carefully control every aspect of farming and production, bringing our horses – and our customers – the highest quality results.

By growing our own hay and carefully monitoring and testing nutritional content, we are able to raise healthier, higher quality performance horses. About 120 acres of our farmland is devoted to grass hay production.  From selecting the seed, to farming the land, irrigating it with our efficient irrigation system, to testing and controlling the nutritional value of each crop yield, Coyote Rock Ranch controls every aspect of our hay production, and therefore, our horses’ nutrition.


High Quality Bloodlines

Handpicked for performance

We handpicked our broodmares to ensure proven pedigrees and performance records and crossed them with top-of-the-industry sires to produce exceptional prospects. Our unique breeding philosophy focuses on quality over quantity. By breeding a small number of quality broodmares, we can focus more closely on the individual care and training of each horse, with the goal of giving every foal the best possible opportunity to become a winner.


Individualized Training

Selecting trainers and managing our goals

Every foal is different. We hand-select trainers for each prospect, choosing the trainer we believe will be the best match to guide each horse’s individual development. While they are in training, we check in with each horse regularly, frequently visiting them on-site to assess and discuss how training is progressing and to set and/or review measurable goals for each individual.


Work for Coyote Rock Ranch

Coyote Rock Ranch is hiring!  Please see our current job opportunities below.  Email Sue Hagerty at with your resume and cover letter.


Reports to: Equine Manager
Position Type: Full Time

Baseline Expectations
– Meet your commitments
– Be honest in all business relationships
– Exercise common sense
– Use sound judgment
– Be imaginative in striving for improvement
– Gain the respect of co-workers
– Be accountable for your own work
– Work with your team to make constructive suggestions for change
– Strive to bring out the best in others
– Use tact and courtesy in your dealings with coworkers and third parties
– Broaden your outlook and take responsibility for your own development
– Develop your ability to communicate, both written and verbal
– Maintain and support a safe environment

Equine Team Shared Responsibilities
– Daily chores (grooming, feeding, stall cleaning)
– Rotational weekend feeding
– Mare foaling watch
– After hours emergency response
– Contribute to continuous innovation of equine systems

Primary Responsibilities
– Monitor and document horse health and disposition daily
– Maintain and administer equine annual care schedule (vaccinations, worming, trims, etc.)
– Administer basic on-ranch veterinary care including scheduling and attending veterinary visits
– Summarize and execute instruction post veterinary visit and/or emergency care plans and communications
– Assist in monitoring broodmares and serve as foaling attendant
– Provide nutrition recommendations based on weights, profiles and daily observation
– Prepare horses for travel (arrange necessary certificates, hauler, inventory)
– Maintain organized health records
– Maintain equine inventory (supplies, tack, medications, feed)
– Seek out and attend local and national equine health care learning events
– Visit and document status of horses located off-site when needed
– Serve as liaison with equine health care providers and vendors
– Other duties as assigned

Knowledge Requirements
– Must be able to repeatedly lift items ranging from 40-50lbs
– Horse handling and basic veterinary care
– Equine nutrition, care, sanitation, and disease control
– Health and safety laws and regulations applicable to farm/agricultural operations
– Safety requirements for handling hazardous or toxic materials
– Computer skills (word processing, MS Excel)
– Formal report preparation and presentation
– Organization and management of records
– Project management
– Horse hauling

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